A Registered Corporation is required to pay a registration fee of Ringgit Twenty Thousand (RM20,000.00) only for each Corporate Right it wishes to hold. Such payment will entitle the Corporation to be registered as such for a period of two (2) years commencing from the date of the registration provided that the Corporation holds not more than two (2) Corporate Rights.

Other relevant fees payable in addition to the above are :-
Entrance Fee
Refundable Deposit
Subscription for the first two months
Development Fund
Interclub SurCharge
Facilities and Festivities Fee


RM 21,200.00 (including GST)
RM 2,000.00
RM 212.00 (including GST)
RM 2,000.00 (including GST)
RM 2.12 (including GST)
RM 53.00 (including GST)

RM 25,467.12


The Corporation is entitled to nominee one person to enjoy the Corporate privileges for each Corporate Right it holds. This also includes the wife and children (below the age of 21) of the Corporate nominee.


The Corporation may at any time by written notice withdraw its nomination in respect of any its Corporate Members. Such withdrawals are to be made in writing and will only be effective from the time of receipts of such notice by the Club.


The Corporation may by notice in writing nominate a person to replace an existing Corporate Member provided that the substitution in respect of each Corporate Member is not more than once in any six months.


A Corporate Member enjoys all the rights and privileges of membership of the Club except that he or she has no voice or vote in the affairs or management of the Club nor is he or she be eligible to propose any application for membership to the Club or take part in any general meetings or election of the Club or serve upon any Committee or Sub-Committee of the Club.


No additional fees are charged for the use of the Club’s sports and recreational facilities. However guests brought in by member are charged guest fees according to the rates fixed by the Club.

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